Air Freshener Blocks


Max Airfresh Perfume Blocks – Rose, Sandal & Lavender, Fresh Fragrance, Removes Odours, 50 g

Introducing our PDCB-based Perfumed Air Freshener Blocks, designed to infuse your home and surroundings with a lasting, delightful fragrance. These air freshener blocks, perfect for cupboards, bathrooms, and toilets, provide weeks of freshness while also acting as a shield against moths, mildew, cockroaches, and insects.

Key Features: 

Long-lasting Fragrance: 

Our air freshener blocks ensure a continuous, pleasant aroma that lingers for weeks, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere in your living spaces.

Multi-Purpose Use: 

Versatile and effective, these blocks can be placed in cupboards, bathrooms, and toilets, offering a comprehensive solution to eliminate unwanted odors.

Guard Against Pests: 

Regular use not only keeps your spaces fragrant but also acts as a protective barrier against moths, mildew, cockroaches, and insects, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

Is your bathroom routine leaving it less attractive than it could be? Despite using various cleaning methods, your bathroom might lack that fresh appeal.

Max Air Freshener – Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: 

Odor Elimination: 

Say goodbye to malodors. Max Air Freshener effectively eliminates unpleasant smells, leaving your bathroom consistently fresh and fragrant.

Attractive Fragrances: 

Choose from a variety of captivating fragrances, including Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood. Personalize your space with scents that match your preferences.

Different Sizes Available: 

Max Air Freshener is available in various sizes, ensuring you have the perfect fit for your space. Whether it’s a compact bathroom or a spacious one, we’ve got you covered.

Transform your bathroom into a fragrant oasis with Max Air Freshener Blocks. Experience the perfect blend of cleanliness and captivating scents. Elevate your daily routine by adding these blocks to your cart now.

Pack Size

50 g

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