Shoe Polish paste


Introducing the ideal companion for your black leather shoes – our specially crafted shoe care solution. Applying it is a breeze with its unique angular neck, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Not only does it deliver a clean and polished appearance, but it also offers robust dust and dirt protection.

Color: Black, Brown
Pack Size: 40 g, 15 g

Key Features: 

Easy Application: 

Achieve a professional shine effortlessly with our unique angular neck design. Applying the product is quick and convenient for a polished finish.

Dust and Dirt Protection: 

Keep your black leather shoes looking impeccable. Our formula provides effective protection against dust and dirt, maintaining the longevity of your footwear.

Specialized Oil and Wax Blend: 

Formulated with a blend of high-quality oil and wax, our product is designed to keep your shoes clean and shiny, enhancing their overall appearance.

Simple Application Process: 

Shake the bottle well with the cap on, and gently press the applicator onto the shoe surface for an even distribution of the product. Enjoy a seamless application for a lasting shine.

Color Options: 

Our shoe care solution is not limited to black – it’s also available in brown and all-color variants. Choose the perfect match for your footwear.

Variety of Forms: 

Tailor your shoe care routine to your preferences. Our product is available in liquid and handyshine forms, providing options for different application methods.

Step into a world of pristine shoe care with our black leather shoe solution. Elevate the appearance of your footwear and ensure long-lasting cleanliness. Enhance your shoe care routine – the product is also available in brown and all-color variants, as well as wax and handyshine forms. Shop now for a polished and protected look!


Black, Brown

Pack Size

15 g, 40 g

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